10 years of the famous Karcher Window Vac!

11/09/2018 14:33

There are several different versions of the Window Vac available in the UK; WV1WV2 PlusWV5 and the new WV Anniversary Edition. But where did it originate from? Let’s start all the way back in 2008…. 

Window Vac Drawing

2008 saw the introduction of the very first Window Vac! Karcher was the original inventor of the Window Vac machine and their first tool for windows was actually known as the Karcher 250 Window Washer (you will be able to see a rare image of this machine below). From these images, it is clear to see the huge transformation from then until now, in particular, the new compact and simple design. 

So why is the Window Vac so well loved? The Karcher Window Vac is a handheld, lightweight machine that is certain to clean your surfaces thoroughly and leave them without streaks. It can clean many surfaces, for example, windows, shower screens, tiles and mirrors while also tackling small liquid spills and condensation. The Karcher Window Vac is a quick and effective machine, and with it being ready to use in one charge, it is a must-have in your home!

As well as the standard selection of the Window Vacs, Karcher introduced a vac in Germany in support of breast cancer awareness. This Window Vac ensured that with 3 euro per each sold, Karcher will support the non-profit organisation, Pink Ribbon (Germany), in their projects for early detection of breast cancer. This is significant for the Window Vac as it raises funds and awareness for the early detection of breast cancer and using a product that is so popular to do this, is a great initiative from Karcher. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Window Vac
The Karcher Window Vac has made an appearance in several famous television advertisements. Some previous advertisements saw the appearance of the famous and very much-loved minions and most recently, a collaboration with the new Mission Impossible movie. This makes the Karcher Window Vac reach audiences all over the world, from the television in their home to the cinema screen they visit.  

Alongside the appealing advertisements, Karcher has won awards for the Window Vac! In 2015 the WV2 won an iF design award for best discipline product from the International Forum for Design in Hannover, Germany. 

Customers and reviewers across the world love the award-winning Karcher Window Vac and it has become one of Karcher’s most popular items with worldwide sales accumulating to 24 million and the statistics in the United Kingdom reveal an astonishing 3 million have been sold. This shows just how popular and reliable the Window Vac is and with reviews averaging from 4.5 - 5 out of 5, this is a product that can be trusted to perform to the highest standard. Due to its popularity, Karcher has decided to celebrate 10 years of the Window Vac in a very fitting way- by releasing a Limited Edition, Anniversary Version of the machine. It is the same high-quality machine as the other Window Vacs, however, what makes the Anniversary Vac different is that it offers 40% longer run time than the WV2 and it has an impressive 35 minutes cleaning time.

It is clear to see why the Window Vac is so well loved, from its simple and compact design to the streak-free finish it leaves. With an Anniversary Window Vac, you can add to or even start your experience with the popular Window Vac. The Karcher Window Vac will ensure that your windows, and other surfaces, are always clean to the highest standard! 

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