Garden Hose Buying Guide in 5 Questions

18/06/2018 12:09

Hoses are a vital tool to keeping the perfect garden, but how many of us know what we really need? Whether you are watering the plants, washing the car or entertaining the children, it's good to know what hoses you need and don't quite need. Here are 5 important questions you need to ask yourself...

1. Long or short hose?

Most hose lengths can range from a 10m Spiral Hose Set to a 50m 1/2" Primoflex Hose and are ideal for watering small to large areas and gardens. As hose length increases, the pressure of water flowing through the hose decreases; so to ensure efficiency try and not go too long on a hose unless it is needed.

2. High pressure or low pressure hose? 

Deciding on low or high pressure depends on the task in hand. However the easy differentiator is thickness, the average thickness is 1/2 inch (1.3cm) which is low pressure, for gardening low pressure hoses are all that is needed unless you require a hose for your pressure washer which would then be much narrower high pressure designs.

3. Which material?

The material of all Kärcher Home and Garden hoses is thermo-plastic.

The best-selling 50m PrimoFlex® Plus hose contains yellow DuPontTM Kevlar® fibre, some features include:

  • Free from harmful phthalates
  • Opaque middle layer prevents algae formation in the hose
  • Anti-UV outer layer
  • Weather resistant and temperature resistant from -20 to 65°C

Karcher's standard yellow hose contains 3 ply layers of PrimoFlex®

Our range of hoses goes up to 5 ply layers of PrimoFlex® Plus with kevlar fibres and a 15 year guarantee.

As well as the extra flexible and lightweight hoses are rubber or reinforced, however for garden use these are not necessary and are better suited for industrial use or with pressure washers.

4. Hose reel, hanger or nothing? 

Hose reels ensures your hose is easily stored and protected, the Kärcher Premium Hose reel includes:

  • 1x standard hose connector with Aqua Stop
  • 20 m 1/2" Primoflex® hose
  • 3x standard hose connectors
  • Removable hose drum (2 in 1)
  • Storage possibility for nozzles and spray guns
  • Accessory holder for spray lance or sprayers while connected to the hose
  • G3/4 tap adaptor and G1/2 reducer
  • Spacious storage box for garden gloves, shears, shovels, etc.

5. Sprinkler head or not?

Which nozzle to use

Sprinklers heads are designed for the irrigation of gardens, a sprinkler spray gun is perfect for watering plants in smaller gardens, on balconies, terraces or camping sites and a sprinkler can be left on the ground in one place

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