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11/07/2018 14:32

Firstly, we have the Wera Red Bull Racing products. These include the Red Bull Racing Kraftform with Pouch, the Red Bull Racing Stainless Steel Kraftform Kompakt and the 7 Piece Red Bull Racing Screwdriver Set. These products are extremely well manufactured and are certain to get your job done correctly, efficiently and to the highest standard. With two sets offering stainless steel tips, this will ensure that your tools are long lasting with a higher endurance level. All of these products come with a storage case or a storage rack. 

The Joker 4 Piece Ratcheting Spanner Set is an essential addition to your toolbox. It offers corrosion protection for longer life and offers extreme stability alongside being suitable for confined spaces. This set comes in its own storage pouch and are extremely well manufactured. 

All Wera hand tools that we stock here at Craigmore, for example screwdrivers, offer a Kraftform handle. This handle is unique as it is extremely comfortable in the users’ hands, whether that be for someone in an intense working environment or the lover of DIY.  Wera Tools have designed the Kraftform handle to contour to the human hand and it fits in like a mould of clay which aims to prevent blisters and pain for continuous working. The idea from Wera of the combination of comfort and high quality is exceptional, admirable and ensures customers satisfaction. This Wera screwdriver is one example of this and with its hardened steel blades to provide corrosion protection, it is certain to become a long serving, reliable member of your toolbox. 

Another genius feature to some Wera tools is the lasertip feature that is offered in this screwdriver set. What is a ‘Lasertip’ feature? It is a pattern of lines that are laser etched into the tip of screwdrivers in order grip the fastener to reduce the likelihood of cam outs and aid the holding of the fastener on the tip, thus reducing the need to magnetise them. 

The Wera products are great value and extremely affordable, ranging from prices of 91p to £125; a small price for big quality. Alongside their great prices, they are easily identified and located and with crowded toolboxes being extremely common in this industry, this explains why Wera tools are a must in your very own crowded toolbox. 

These are only a few examples of the amazing Wera products and there are a lot more offered on our website, from universal insert bits to slotted power bits to a hex and ball end L key

The tools they offer enable almost every way you can think of to turn a nut, bolt or screw alongside being the perfect everyday tools. With their slogan ‘be a tool rebel’, it leaves no other choice but for you to purchase one of Wera’s products; after all, you must see what the fuss is about! 

Wera are a brand that prides in providing the best for their customers and therefore fits perfectly into Craigmore as we always want the best for our customers, putting their happiness and desire for quality first!

You can check out our selection of Wera products here: Wera Product Category

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