9 Gift Ideas for Welders

10/08/2017 14:37


  1. Welder's Genesis Sticker, £3.50 I bet you didn't know welding was mentioned in the Bible... They were next in line after Adam and Eve, someone had to weld all that metal!
  2. MG Chemicals 426-NS Super Wick Desoldering Braid£3.75 It may not be fun, but this is actually one of the handyiest items a welder can have. Any welder will tell you that they’re already running out of this stuff.

  3. Welder Tee, £13.99 Welding takes patience, skill and precision. If you can carry out this task then you can proudly walk by others knowing this design speaks complete truth.... and no one can say anything about it!

  4. Ultimate Premier Blue Welders Gauntlet, £4.74 Keep those hands of your loved one safe when welding so they don't have an excuse not to hold your hand in public!

  5. Welder Gift Travel Mug, £20.4 They may not actually be the 'World's Best Welder' but shh, it's their day and you have to play nice if you want a good present in return.

  6. Welder Keychain, £9.71 This wooden keyring is great for locating keys at the bottom of a bag, however you must be sure your receiver can get past the fact it is a product of woodworking and not metal working and welding... tricky!

  7. Silverline 633505 Welders Apron Full Length, £11.25 Fingers crossed they'll enjoy wearing this welding apron so much they'll resort to using it in the kitchen!

  8. 3M Speedglas 100 Helmet - Trojan Warrier, £129.95 At £129.95 we can't exactly call it a splurge, but this is a real treat for the welder in your life, the bestselling 3M helmet is far more than just a pretty helmet.

  9. Probably Best Welder In The World Hoody, £17.99 If Carlsberg did Welding...

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